25+ Years

Your finances are in safe hands!

BG Accounting provides comprehensive specialized accounting services to small and medium-sized companies in Bulgaria.
The services we offer are tailored to the individual requirements of each client.
We are proud of our team of reliable and loyal professionals with many years of experience.






Full accounting service on a monthly subscription basis.



Employees payroll data preparation and submission.


Company registration.

Full registration according to the laws of Bulgaria.

They make the entire accounting and reporting process less stressful, quick and easy, paying attention to the detail. We have been using BG Accounting services during the last years and feel comfortable reaching out to them with any accounting and tax questions we might have.

We are very happy with their expertise, thoroughness and the speed with which they get things done. They are professional, clear and concise, working on minimizing customer effort and maximizing the return.

We highly recommend their service. Great job!

Irena Stavreva.

Tender Service BG Ltd.

We have been using BG Accounitng Ltd. services for several years. They are fast, friendly, accurate and offer excellent customer service, efficient and personable, prompt and precise in answering our questions.

The team is knowledgeable, responsible, loyal and wonderful to work with. We are thrilled with the attention and quick responses we receive.

We would definitely recommend BG Accounting Ltd. 

Anatoli Stoev

Soulbit Ltd.

Nora is the perfect advisor in terms of accounting questions, especially for people who are not familiar with (and are not willing to deeply understand) the subject. I use the word "advisor" on purpose; she does not simply provide bookeeping, issue payment orders and submit reports, she advises me and together we find the best solution to specific cases. She works fast, plans her tasks ahead and performs it on time (she always informs about deadlines in advance). She is up to date with the new technologies and uses them efficiently in order to save time for her and her customers.

Nora is always inclined to look for a better, not just the obvious solution. This, in some cases, means a willingness to look for - at need - a specialized opinion; a trait that in our time is usually underestimated and often invisible.

Last but not least, Nora is a well educated and warm person, with whom contacts are a pleasure. (I highly recommend and am on the line for direct references).

Ivan Sidjakov

Bolt Bear Frost Ltd.

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