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1. Nature and designation of the information published

All materials published on this Website (including comments on subjects given by users) are intended to emphasize on issues, which are of significance to more than one user, as well as to give a general idea of the issues in consideration. In this regard, the materials are principle ones, they do not refer to specific factual situation and are provided free of charge. They are not and shall not be considered as a particular professional advice and/or consultation and/or investigation of the discussed legal, tax, accounting, financial, corporate and any other matters, nor shall they be considered as an offer for concluding a contract with the user. BG Accounting 2020 LTD. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered and/or profits lost as might be incurred by the user as a result of the usage of the information published on the Website in any way, including as a result of the decision taking and/or the performance of certain actions or certain omissions, which are based on this information.

The materials published on the Website have been prepared as at a certain moment in compliance with the legislation effective as at that moment. BG Accounting 2020 LTD. shall not be responsible for the continuous update of materials already published on the site in view of subsequent legislative changes. In the event that the user needs a specific professional advice or assistance, the user should contact BG ACCOUNTING 2020 LTD. with a specific query and will be provided with the requested professional assistance in accordance with the particular case and the legislation referring thereto.

2. Generated links to other sites (links)

BG Accounting 2020 LTD. does not provide guarantees neither for the existence and the contents of other sites to which links are generated nor for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy and usefulness of the information contained therein. BG Accounting 2020 LTD. shall not be responsible for any damages suffered or profits lost as might be incurred by the users as a result of the lack of information or usage of information from sites whereto it has generated links, since these links are owned and maintained by third parties and BG Accounting 2020 LTD. is not in a position to exercise control in this regard.

In the event that on-line discussions are held between users or any other information exchange is carried out between them through this Website, each user shall be responsible for his/her statement and/or opinion expressed or advice given.

In view of the nature of the site as a separate location in Internet, no warranties could be given for the lack of viruses.

3. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights over the items included in the contents of this Website (including codes, programs, schemes, graphics, forms, images, text, sound and other objects of intellectual property) are owned by BG Accounting 2020 LTD. and/or its contractors, who have provided to BG Accounting 2020 LTD. the rights for the usage of these items.

Users of information from the site are obliged to request the written consent of BG Accounting 2020 LTD. (and/or its contractors, as specified by BG Accounting 2020 LTD.) prior to copying or publicly reproducing, using in any other way, changing, interpreting or referring to materials in this site and/or to the name of BG Accounting 2020 LTD. in connection with such materials. When copying information from the site to their own PC for personal and non-commercial usage, users are obliged to ensure on each copy the preserving of all signs for copyrights, trademarks (logos), whatsoever as they appear on the original material.

The user agrees and accepts not to generate links to this Website by means of which:

• to use the company name and the trademark (logo) of BG Accounting 2020 LTD. unlawfully, including in a misleading and deceiving way;

• to mislead third parties for the URL of this Website and/or circumvent the homepage of the site, including to generate direct links to the information published on the inner pages of the site;

• to use frames whereby to create wrong third party impression that materials of this Website are part of the site of the user.

BG Accounting 2020 LTD. reserves the right to require each user, who has generated links as the ones described above, to remove immediately such links.

Each user shall indemnify BG Accounting 2020 LTD. for all damages suffered and profits lost incurred as a result of unlawful referral to and/or usage, reproduction, publication, change, interpretation, whatsoever of any elements from the contents of this Website.

4. Amendments to the Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use may be periodically amended and updated. A notification for such change will be made by means of specification of the date of the last update. We encourage our users regularly to review the current Terms of Use on our website.

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